Our Maths Support Programmes

Seven years later, the Maths Support Programmes still changes lives …

The Maths Support Programmes project was initiated in 2007 in line with the vision “to achieve a positive impact on the South African community by multiplying the number of local participants actively growing the South African economy.” To date in excess of four thousand students have been directly involved as well as benefited from the program in Philippi (Western Cape Province) and Yeoville (Gauteng Province), catering for students within the Grades 8-12 range in both provinces.

The Maths Support Programmes has explicitly:
  • Assisted learners to develop foundational and conceptual framework at lower grades thus enabling learners to progress with the necessary cognitive input.
  • Produced a marked increase in the number of quality passes in all provinces in the subject.
  • Encouraged learners to study pure mathematics instead of maths literacy which over time limits the learners’ choices of streams from a specialisation perspective.

The highlights of the program include among others the inclusion of learners in the top twenty performers at provincial level – with the recent top performers from the Class of 2013.