Our Solutions

One On One would be first to acknowledge the fact that improvement of the status quo is always envisaged and expected, and that solutions presented will be in response to current challenges experienced by learners and practitioners as they evolve over time.


One On One Community Based Programmes establishes partnerships with the private sector to provide extra curricula lessons over weekends for Grades 8 – 12, with current projects in Philippi (Cape Town, Western Cape province) and Yeoville (Johannesburg, Gauteng province). The current project called Maths Support Programmes is run in partnership with Prudential Investment Managers and Living Maths.

Science & Chemistry

With regards to science and chemistry, we have the following solutions and ideas underpinning the applications presented below:

It is clear that learners do not always require fancy infrastructure to do science at school, especially that some of the schools are not adequately equipped for the job as the budgets are usually tilted more towards infrastructure than cognitive considerations like teaching aids. With the Mylab mini laboratories kits learners are enabled and empowered to perform experiments anywhere they would prefer to. This means in summary that “Form will follow function”

The fact that One On One works with the original inventors; developers and patent holders of the Mylab concept and kits (Professor Corrie and Mrs Marie Du Toit – University of the North West) provides users with access to the intellectual capital behind the development.

The work put into the Mylab kits focuses both teachers and learners on “doing science and chemistry” in the classroom, thereby making the learning experience fun and engaging.

The teaching and learning aids provided in the form of instruction modules for both teachers and learners and DVDs save a lot of preparation time and thus enable learners to use their spare time for other subjects which may just be of equal importance to other learners